CRUSP Tokenomics

Cause you want to know and it's only fair you know for transparency purpose.

CRUSP Token Details:

transaction hash: 0xff144ec943383ca726ff6a3721300ef48f84cd7ea9159d6c891fe5e01c9311b9 Blocks: 2 Seconds: 4 contract address: 0x95e973546DdA89218aE56A6E9fC9ee5D510ba3CE block number: 6393634 block timestamp: 1617907416 account: 0x5a893546B3Bfa62eC61FB9E6F2a7e88C93c205cD balance: 0.17814454 gas used: 2801340 (0x2abebc)

Emission Rate:

  • 1 CRUSP/block;

  • 28,800 CRUSP/day;

  • 4% sent to the developer’s address for marketing, dev payout, and development.

Deflationary Mechanics:

  • Coming up with a fair plan to have a constant burn

  • Oubliette Address deposits burn every 30days.

Transfer fee Distribution:

  • 5% will be sent to the developer’s address;

    • Looking at implementing similar "Pay per code" as GitCoin.

  • 5% Burn

  • 90% Yield pool.